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Write a two page essay that discusses the following

Write a two page essay that discusses the following:One of the agents of socialization cited in the textbook is the media. Please view the video Killing us Softly 4 at the following website:http://video.nwtc.edu/sociology/killingussoftlycompress.wmvThis may be a bit slow, depending on your Internet connection. At NWTC, it will stream fine, but if you have a slower connection at home, the video may need to load over time. I find that I need to start the video, go and do some other work and then come back to it later to view.1. What is your general reaction to the video?2. What is Jean Kilbourn’s argument about the power of the media in “teaching”women and men about how they should be in society?3. Do you agree or disagree with her arguments? Why?Submit this assignment as a WORD document to your instructor. This assignment should be a minimum of 2 pages using the required format. Use your own words. If you paraphrase or quote the materials, be sure that you use APA formatting procedures – your paper should contain in-text citations and a Reference page – see syllabus for clarification on writing/formatting requirements. Don’t forget to use a cover page for your name and class information.