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write a six-page research paper that incorporates the terms and concepts from the course on the topic of Public Health

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Legal & Ethical Issues in Health Care Final Research Paper Assignment Due Wednesday of Week 14 Throughout this course, the topics that we cover have threads (connections) that attach to and support or hinder public health initiatives in the US. The Final Paper Assignment for this course is to write a six-page research paper that incorporates the terms and concepts from the course on the topic of Public Health. You will notice that there is not a chapter in the book titled “Public Health.” As you conduct your own original research on the topic of Public Health in the US, you will find that the topics that we have covered are intertwined with public health issues and initiatives (I am looking for you to identify those connections). Please provide a brief history of Public Health over time. Provide insight to how Health Care Systems interact with Public Health initiatives and public policy. Identify current events in the areas of Public Health, and how current events (such as: recent elections, legislation, public policy, or the economy) may impact Public Health initiatives. Review the concept of evidence-based public health strategies (and provide examples). Identify cultural and religious impacts on public health initiatives. Please be sure to investigate various segments of public health such as: ? Community wellness initiatives. ? Environmental risks. ? Public health education. ? The economics of public health initiatives. ? Governmental agencies such as the FDA, and their impact on public health, healthy food, and pharmaceutical approval. ? Demonstrate your understanding of the regulation and enforcement of healthcare law & policy through local, state and federal agencies; and how that affects the application of policies and standards-of-care at the provider level. Your paper should have an introduction, and a summary-conclusion. Your paper should be in APA format with in-text citations and a reference list. The paper should be six pages in length not including title page, reference list, or attachments