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Write a memo to analyze Trump’s strategy if the situation in the work doc.

Write a memo to analyze Trump’s strategy if the situation in the work doc. happens and write his possible actions, following the below outline: Trump: reelection that hinges on how his foreign policy performance -safeguard national security: Kims missile launch toward Hawaii that impinges on U.S. territory is intolerable, its severity is analogous to Pearl Harbor attack and 9.11 even if it did not cause any causalities, but must be punished so as to make sure no other international actors dare to take such reckless and bold move. -avoid a catastrophic war in Korean Peninsula, which runs a high risk of involving China and even if not, North Koreas possession of nuclear weapons has already been a strong hinderance for U.S. to take any provocative military actions as a response. -North Korea denuclearization (campaign pledges), and suspension of its long-range missile testno sanction relief at current stages unless North Korea shows some gigantic moves in denuclearization Options: -fury and fire: strongly signal to the North to the extent the later will never dare to make such flagrant move send aircraft carrier, and an unprecedentedly large-scale U.S.-South Korea-Japan joint military exercises that involve nuclear capable bombers, and decapitation war plan (please refer to DPRK FM statement) -information problem: no clear how North Korea will react to U.S. such strong retaliation, and it may regard such move as U.S. war declaration, and what if the tension escalate out of control? Not sure whether South Koreas stance, whether it is willing to join US to intimidate the North or not -pros & cons: show U.S. resolve in safeguarding its national security, and browbeat other international actors from taking such action that encroaches on US territory; // may provoke DPRK and make Korean Peninsula on the verge of war; ally coordination problem (Moons progressive government favors engagement policy)