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Why is inefficiency common in healthcare?

The student, will assume the role of Jamie, and has been tasked with preparing a position paper that supports his recommendation to utilize a Lean production approach to improve the operational inefficiencies and safety concerns associated with his facility. Realizing that this paper will be read by members of the systems senior leadership team, including Reilly, and approval will be needed to move forward with the Lean approach (reengineering), Jamie will need to address the concerns expressed by Reilly. It should be assumed that Reillys concerns may be shared by other members of the leadership team. Jamie will need to take into consideration how you would respond to the following questions when preparing the position paper: Why is inefficiency common in healthcare? Doesnt competition force organizations to be efficient? What evidence do we have that process redesign can improve efficiency? Isnt process redesign just another name for making employees work harder? Is there evidence that employees will accept the redesign? Plenty of evidence indicates that problems with quality of care harm patients, but wont improving quality cost more? How could better quality not cost more? In addition, you considering your responses to the above questions, it would be prudent to utilize credible, outside sources to support your position paper to the leadership team.