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Which leadership skills were the most difficult to develop?

leader interview
Interview should NOT be in question-and-answer format. Rather, the interview should be written as a “paper” that flows from question to answer throughout the document.
(The Capstone has been an overall great experience. I have interviewed patients regarding their experience and their wait times in the outpatient radiology setting. Wait times between checking in with the secretary to be called to registration and wait time after registration is complete to start test/exam……If needed additional positive information can be added.)
Name of mentor—Rachael F
• Position— Reginal Patient Experience Manager for the Western Florida Division
• Name of agency or school affiliation—Town and County hospital is a 120-bed facility specializing in providing comprehensive medical services to community residents. It is a part of Adventist Health System in the northern Tampa Bay area.
• Educational background or preparation— Rachael went to Nursing school right out of high school and went to a hospital nursing school and obtained an Associate degree in Nursing. After several years of practicing, I returned to school to obtain my Bachelors in Nursing. After my children were all out of high school, I returned again and completed my Masters in Nursing specializing in Clinical Nurse Leader.
• Brief description (approximately one paragraph) of your Capstone experience and the role that the mentor played in that experience——The Capstone experience has been more than what I ever could have imaged. The opportunity to interact with outpatients and hear first-hand their experience has been eye-opening. Wait times for an exam can be nerve racking to anyone. By finding ways to minizine their wait lead to improve patient experience. In this time spent listening to patients, they experienced communication was important to them. My mentor’s goal is to improve patient experience. She has taught me to listen and go the extra mile to have that patient satisfied. She has taught me to communicate, respond to patient concerns, and listen to their needs.
• Summary of the interview including: Your overall impression of the mentor’s position–after your experience with the mentor, and perceiving the skills, values, and professional behaviors of the mentor, is this a position that you would aspire to be in one day?
This Capstone has shown me a different avenue and possible career path. Being the Reginal Patient Experience Manager is a critical position. Patient experience/satisfaction scores are essential to healthcare facilities. My mentor has managed a variety of patient concerns in a professional matter and always placed the patient’s needs first. Being able to see the importance of treating the patient as a whole has given me another point-of-view. I hope one day in my career to work as a patient experience manager.