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Very briefly describe the issue you will address, the intervention that you feel has research evidence (this may change later after you complete the literature search), and the expected outcomes

Graduate Project in Nursing week 3
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Evidence Based Project-Proposal
As the course progresses over the 11 weeks, learners will develop a scholarly project that demonstrates an application of evidence to practice for substantive change. This project emphasizes critical appraisal and application of evidence-based research, scholarly writing, and critical thinking. The scholarly project will be submitted as a written paper in APA format/style. In addition, learners will present a summary of the final project orally or by creating a PowerPoint presentation.
Learners will select one of the following types of projects related to their specific advanced role specialization and target population:
• Educational program
• Evidence-based healthcare policy change
• Evidence-based clinical issue or protocol
Overview of the Evidence Based Project (EBP):
In Week 1 of the course, students will identify an area of inquiry as a basis for practice change, and in Week 2, write their clinical question in PICOT format that will drive the literature search.
Following approval of the practice change idea and the PICOT question by course faculty, in Week 3students will begin their literature search and rapid critical appraisal (RCA) using the RCA checklists available in Appendix D of the course text (Melynk&Fineout-Overholt, 2011) and in Word format. The Search Tracker may be useful in organizing and tracking your search.