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The paper focuses on the implementation of the health policy chosen by each student.

Topics are to be selected from the list of U.S. Federal laws pertaining to health found in the appendix of the textbook. Papers must be double space typed, 12-point font. Students are expected to present their papers during class and to lead in a round-table discussion of ethics and findings of their topic. Graduate students must incorporate at least 10 references are required for each paper. Papers are graded on depth of research, factual correctness, clarity, persuasion (present the premise and provide support), organization, grammar, spelling, etc. Organization of the paper is critical to its persuasiveness and headings and subheadings must be incorporated.Students will want to choose an area that is broad enough to allow for in-depth research, although the scope may need to be narrowed to keep the information manageable.The paper focuses on three areas of the health policy:1. The paper focuses on the formation of the policy. Students will want to obtain basicdescriptive and historical information as soon as possible on your topic. Students must incorporate Longest’s ideas into the paper. This paper carries the most weight since it requires the most research. Students must have footnotes or endnotes citing your research on this paper. Use an accepted citation style consistently through your paper.2. The paper focuses on the implementation of the health policy chosen by each student. Students will investigate the mechanics of the program(s) and the bureaucracy in charge with oversight of the policy. Interviews with health administrators experiencing is highly encouraged. This implementation paper must evaluate any and all reengineering efforts caused by the policy.3. The paper assesses a macro view and incorporates a concept called a Plenary Review which will be discussed in class as well as collaborative processes for achieving such a macro evaluation. Students will need to identify other health policies related to the initial policy. Specifically, students will provide a macro view of the policy, identifying the feasibility of the policy and its effect on the health system.