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term paper for my executive MBA global study tour in Poland.

This is a term paper for my executive MBA global study tour in Poland. We spent 5 days in Poland visiting with several companies including• Wedel Chocolate Factory• Mielzynski Winery• cherryPick games• ITMagination• Orange S.A• LOT Polish Airline• Meeting with Mayor of warsaw• Phillip Morris• BOLTHere are the instructions on the final project. I have also included my own notes from the trip to use for the paper.The final project will consist of a reflection piece. What I am looking for is for you to thoughtfully reflect on what you learned from your time in Poland. What did you learn that was different from what was contained in the Briefing Book (attached)? How did elements of the trip challenge your preconceived notions about Poland, and/or the European Union? What are the challenges that lie ahead for Poland, and the European Union? Are these challenges more or less difficult to resolve than you initially anticipated? These are just a sample of the questions that you can address in your reflection piece. You are welcome to address these, a subset of these, or a set of issues that you feel are particularly relevant but not contained herein.A target length of 2-3 pages of text, typed single-spaced. The font should be Times New Roman 12-point, and the margins one inch on all sides. In addition to the roughly 2-3 pages of text, you may attach tables, charts, and other relevant, important appendix material. (To be clear, these additional items do not count toward the 2-3 pages of text.)If you think that it strengthens your report, you may make limited use of direct quotes from other sources. Such direct quotations (including material cut and pasted from web sites) must be clearly identified (for instance, enclosed in quotation marks or indented and set off from the standard text), and you must immediately attach the citation that indicates the source of the quote. Please remember: Any plagiarism (including cut and paste from a web site)—any violation of the best practice for a direct quote of someone else’s work or writing—is a serious violation of Code of Conduct.