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Social Disorganization Theory – Op-ed Article

You have to write a 650-750 word Op-ed article. Below is a brief instruction; more detailed instruction will be uploaded. Instructions: 1. Search newspapers for a crime-related issue or crime event to write your op-ed article about. Please DO NOT recycle issues discussed in the op-ed examples. You may use an issue or event that happened within the last 12 months anywhere in the world. 2. Select a criminological theory (SOCIAL DISORGANIZATION THEORY in my case) from the courses textbook to use as the foundation of your arguments. You may keep working with the theory that you used for your tutorial presentation or choose a different one. This is entirely up to you. A good rule of thumb to make this assignment enjoyable is to choose something that interests you. 3. look for TWO research articles published in an academic journal that provide findings related to the chosen issue/event, which you can use in the op-ed to support your arguments. (I HAVE FOUND 6 ARTICLES, PLEASE SELECT 2) 4. Write an op-ed article that addresses the selected issue/event, using the course textbook and journal articles to support your arguments. (650-750 WORDS) Length and format Your op-ed article must be between 650-750 words. Keep in mind that academic referencing styles, such as APA format guidelines, are not used in op-ed pieces. Research articles and books are usually referenced by stating who wrote them and where they were published, without resorting to the conventions utilized required for academic manuscripts and publications. For example, if you want to reference an article authored by me and published this year, instead of writing Ponce (2019) or (Ponce, 2019) you would have to state something like In an article by Carlos Ponce, recently published in the xyz journal… Make sure that you clearly state whos work you are using to support your opinion. If you include direct citations, use quotation marks to credit the person that came up with the words you are using. Your op-ed should be written in double-spaced 12-point Times New Roman font. Use 1-inch margins all around. Make sure that you include the following: 1. A title that captures the readers attention. Be as creative as you like. 2. A paragraph at the beginning that captures the readers attention, introduces the issue/event that you address, and coveys the importance of your article. 3. The introductory paragraph should be followed by 3-5 short paragraphs that develop your stance and use course material and research articles to support it. Keep in mind the reader may not be familiar with the issue you write about, so make sure that you provide enough background. 4. A paragraph at the end that brings everything together. Connect back to what you stated in the initial paragraph. Please dont summarize your discussion. Explain how everything you just discussed relates to the importance you conveyed in the first paragraph. End this paragraph with what you think should be done next or what is the next step. Should there be more discussion on the topic? More research? Do we need change current policies or create new policies? State what needs to be modified or maintained to address the issue/event in a better way. Writing an op-ed: The purpose of this assignment is that you showcase your grasp of sociological explanations of crime and deviance by crafting a coherent, convincing, and engaging stance regarding an event or issue. In order to do this successfully, you must frame and explain academic concepts and scientific findings in a simple, clear, and concise way, while making your writing entertaining and interesting. Remember that any assignment or presentation is about telling a story. This requires that you organize and link ideas and arguments in a logical progression that leads to a conclusion. It is important that you dont loose sight of who is your article intended to reach. Op-ed articles are read mainly by newspaper readers, the majority of which are non-specialists. Consequently, you must work under the assumption that they dont have prior knowledge of academic or scientific terms, concepts, and theories. Make sure that you explain anything that non-specialists may not be familiar with in language that is easy to grasp. For some of you, this may be the first time that you write an op-ed article. Here are some tips that provide some guidance on how to approach the process: