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Should the government use taxes on soda to try to address the obesity epidemic?

Should the government use taxes on soda to try to address the obesity epidemic? OR Should the federal government more strictly regulate the E-Cigarette industry? Your Audience for this paper: Academic Audience (no use of first person “I” or personal experience. Readers are interested in the persuasive use of ideas and evidence from credible sources.) Your Purpose: Make your position on the topic clear and convince your reader to agree with you. Write a 900-1,100 word essay in which you use at least three sources to try to persuade your reader to agree with your point of view on the topic. (Word count does NOT include works cited page.) The essay should begin with an introduction that provides the reader with some background information and explains the significance of this debate. The introduction should end with a clear, precise, persuasive/opinionated thesis statement. (The thesis is essentially your answer to the question above. You MUST take a side.) To support your thesis you need to utilize grounds from at least 2 different credible sources. Youll use their grounds to help persuade your reader to see things your way. You will need at least one paragraph for each source where you will introduce the source, its grounds, and use those grounds to support your thesis in a persuasive fashion. Use a third source to explore evidence from an opposing viewpoint that disagrees with your thesis. You should explore this viewpoint thoroughly and fairly, give some ground, and then refute the source’s argument. You can use additional opinionated sources if you like. You may also need to use an informational source to provide your reader with background information in the introduction, to introduce statistics you think are relevant to the discussion, or for other purposes of your own invention. The essay should include a citation from each source (at least 3 sources total.) All sources should pass the CRAAP test we discussed in class. Follow MLA rules for formatting in text citations and the works cited page, both of which must be included. You included 5 sources in your annotated bibliography. Choose 3 of those to use in your position paper, or use 4 or all 5 if you like, but remember you need at least 2 opinionated sources that support your viewpoint and one that opposes it. Your paper should balance the need to persuade your audience AND provide information so they understand the context of the debate. In addition to providing additional persuasion, your conclusion should offer a call to action with specifics about what you want to see happen. What do you think should be done about this issue going forward? What ideas might you contribute to the ongoing discussion about this topic? Once you’ve finished writing the paper, you’ll need to identify a rhetorically significant image and title to place at the beginning of the paper. IMPORTANT NOTES: The paper must be at least 900 words or it cannot score higher than 70%. Late submissions will not be accepted beyond 8 AM on 8/1. Missing papers will be zeroed after that time. Avoid plagiarism at all costs. You will receive a zero on the essay if there is evidence of plagiarism. TIPS FOR AVOIDING PLAGIARISM NEVER write with sources in front of you NEVER quote word for word from a source without using quotation marks and appropriate MLA citation. NEVER ask someone to write some of the paper for you. See syllabus for more on plagiarism. Read your sources thoroughly until you understand well enough to explain their viewpoints in your own words. Take notes in your own words as you read. Summarize what the source says in your own words in the paper and then add a direct quote with proper citation as discussed in class I would like to use Should the federal government more strictly regulate the E-Cigarette industry? this topic. please read the paper that I uploaded. You can use the same sources or you can find other sources too.