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SCS 100 Theme 2: Project 2

Weeks Discussion Post

Colgate: Sinkchild https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZxnhUHFVztw

What stood out to me about this commercial was the little poor girl barely surviving due to lack of water. It made me ponder on how many children in third world countries die due to dehydration. This ad made me more thankful and appreciative for my country but also more aware on how many children are suffering from something that we as Americans have an option to drink or use.

Tide Plus A Touch of Downy: The Princess Dress https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oB8Ooz5lMb8

This ad gave me some good reflection about me and my daughter. For me to see a father playing and having a good time with his daughter, made me realize how important family can be and also how your child can brighten your day.

How Clean are Your Bathrooms

This ad made me realize how in depth cleaning a bathroom or restroom should be especially public restrooms.  We all use public restrooms either at work, eating, etc. I don’t think this product is for home residency but rather for business owners, principals of public schools who want to make sure that they have a clean environment for children or for those who will encounter the setting.

1960s Camel: Where a Man Belongs

This ad just made me reflect back on the days of me smoking cigarettes. I think cigarettes are very unhealthy, actually facts has proven that it’s harmful. It is one of the leading causes for death around the world especially America. The depressing thing is that no matter how culture changes and technology as well, cigarettes will always be the same and will continue to have a negative consequence for those who can’t shake the addiction.