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Sample Paper – One brain or two

 Topic: One brain or two?; 2 pages, sources will be providedThe paper should contain the following information:A. What were the primary research questions for the study? In other words, what were the researchers trying to examine, and why?B. Briefly describe how the researchers conducted their study. Was data collected from human participants? If so, how many (what was their sample size)? How was the data collected (i.e., questionnaires, interviews, etc.)?C. Briefly describe the results of the study. You aren’t expected to be able to interpret the statistics used, but you should be able to talk about the overall findings. (Hint: The findings are generally discussed in plain, non-statistical language in the discussion section.)D. Reflect on what you learned from reading this article, and briefly discuss what was or was not surprising about what the researchers found. 5. All information from the paper must be in summary form, meaning that you read the paper and put it in your own words. If you directly quote from the article or you copy word for word (or nearly word for word) from the article, you will not receive credit for this assignment. 6. Include the citation for the article you summarized.Please only get the information from the additional material provided.    SolutionOne Brain or Two?Student’s Name:Institutional Affiliation:One Brain or Two?The two halves of the brain tend to have different functions. The two halves of the brain have specialized abilities that are great. The left hemisphere of the brain is responsible for controlling an individual’s ability to use language while spatial relationships, for example, those that involve activities that are artistic are controlled by the right side of the brain.Research QuestionsThe researchers tried to examine if the brain of human beings can be divided. The researchers wanted to find out the extent in which the two halves of the human brain can work independently and if the two hemispheres of the brain have abilities that are separate and unique. This is because it is believed that the two halves of the brain of a human being are usually communicate continuously with each other with the help of corpus callosum.How the Researchers Conducted the StudyThe researchers conducted their study through carrying out surgical experiments. The experiment involved four patients who had agreed to be part of the experiment. The researchers conducted three different types of tests which were meant to examine cognitive and mental capabilities of the patients. The researchers did so by developing a method that ensured that a picture of a word, object or portions of a word were projected to the visual area to only one part of the brain that is either the left or right hemisphere of the brain. The other experiment that the researchers conducted was to examine the touch stimulation through providing a block letter or objects that could only be felt and not seen. The final test that the researchers conducted was the auditory abilities. They did so by regulating the amount of sound response to one side of the brain since it is impossible to limit sound input to one side of the brain (Gazzaniga, 1967).Results of the StudyAfter the brain surgery the level of personality, reactions to typical emotions, and intelligence of the patients did not change. The findings of the study showed that the two halves of the brain were equally skilled in visual perception. During the testing for tactile abilities, the patients were in a position of providing names to the unseen objects that were in their left hand because information from their right side of their brain was being transferred to the left hemisphere of the brain using the corpus callosum. Patients were unable to name an object that was placed only in their right hemisphere. The left hemisphere of the brain had better speech skills as compared to the right side. The results showed that each cranium of the patient has two different brains and therefore if the two halves of the brain are divided there is the possibility and potential to process twice as much information (Gazzaniga, 1967).What I LearnedFrom reading the article, I learned that the right and the left hemisphere of the brain have different functions and skills that are specialized. I learned that the left side of the brain is better at reading, speaking and writing while the right side of the brain has better capabilities as compared to the left hemisphere since it can recognize faces and carry out artistic activities. It was surprising that the two halves of the brains can be split and that the patients who had their brain split had the potential to perform two cognitive activities just like a normal person.  ReferencesGazzaniga, M. S. (1967). The split-brain in man. Scientific American, 217, 24-29. Is this the question you were looking for? Place your order here to get it. You can also order a custom nursing assignment or coursework. Click on the Order Button below.