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Propose innovative healthcare policies which could directly or indirectly impact the national or global healthcare delivery system •

Description Goal: • Propose innovative healthcare policies which could directly or indirectly impact the national or global healthcare delivery system • Propose policy development and advocacy • Create health information related public policy • Create health regulatory policies based on health law 1. You are to identify a problem or issue that is facing the healthcare industry. This problem should be significant and urgent, and one that has not yet been solved or addressed. Examples include: • Opioid crisis • Healthcare disparities (select one of interest to you) • Information Governance • Childhood obesity • EHR Interoperability • Cybersecurity • Pricing Transparency • Other areas of student interest 2. Research two policies that might have addressed the problem. These policies can be found at the federal, state, or local level or via government agencies. They could also be found on professional association webpages. Make sure that the policy is pertinent to the topic and that it contains enough information to successfully complete the assignment. Provide the links to the policies. 3. Examine the two (2) policies in the following areas. While you do not have to answer these specifically, you will need to consider these when writing your policy brief. This will become the basis for writing your policy brief. • Are the policies you found feasible? • What are the goals and/or metrics of the policies? In other words—how will success be measured? • What are some of the constraints to advancing the policies? Look at it from the following perspectives in the current environment: • Political • Economic • Social 4. Based on the information you found, create a new or revised policy that will address the issue. You will be writing a policy brief based on your proposal using the information from step #2 above. Your proposed policy brief should contain the following (keep these headings as part of your paper): A. Statement of the Issue/Problem • A brief (2-4 sentences) statement describing the issue. In other words, what is the problem that your policy addresses? B. Background and Information Related to the Issue/Problem • Provide background and context for the problem. What is its significance to the healthcare industry? Provide support from the literature (academic and/or scholarly works) • Why does something need to be done? • Current debate around the issue • Current data related to the issue • Current laws that may need to be changed C. Responses and Policy Options • What has been proposed to date? (This is where, at a minimum, you would bring in your two policies from above.) • What is the position of affected professional associations? For example, if you selected “Prior Authorization” for your topic, what is the AMA’s position vs. the health insurance industry? D. Recommendations • What is your policy recommendation? • Who are the players that should be involved? (i.e at the federal, state, or local level; government agencies; healthcare leaders; or at the professional level) • What should they do?