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Problem Solving and Questionnaire Design

Hi, please so all the Submission instructions: Case Study Newcastle Bank Australians lost almost half a billion dollars in credit card fraud in a single year (Molloy, 2019) The following is a news extract from : As we become an increasingly cashless society, tech savvy criminals are stepping up efforts to rip us off and credit card theft is through the roof. Australias love of online shopping and the move towards an increasingly cashless society have seen an explosion in credit card fraud. Analysis by consumer comparison website found card-not-present fraud rose a staggering 76 per cent in the 12 months to June 30, 2018, to 1.8 million dodgy transactions. Its a bigger increase than I expected, says Angus Kidman, editor-in-chief at I dont know it people realise how prevalent it is. I think were aware its a problem we hear about attempted fraud with credit cards but the volume of fraud is huge. The value of card-not-present crime rose 7.8 per cent to $478 million, and it now accounts for 85 per cent of all credit card fraud. Typically, Australians fall victim when they enter their details on dodgy sites operated by scammers that aim to trick people into thinking theyre on a legit page. In some cases, the data of reputable operators is hacked and stolen. Often times, theyll do a small transaction to see if the card works and then buy a bunch of physical goods to get them delivered as quickly as possible, he said. These criminals run it like a business its a very well-organised approach rather than random individuals having a go at fraud. Banks use sophisticated systems to intercept fraudulent transactions and will typically reimburse the swiped amount. Its not flawless though, which is why its important to be vigilant, Mr. Kidman said. Even though banks will waive the amount stolen, the quicker fraud is detected and acted on, the better. If they dont detect the criminal activity, it can be a headache to sort it out when and if you eventually discover it yourself. Its boring and tedious but its worth looking at your statements and transactions to see if theres anything there that shouldnt be. The ideal habit is to be across your transactions (Molloy, 2019). Despite taking measures to fight online frauds, Australian banks, in general, are concerned about the effectiveness of their cyber security system. They are also concerned about the customer perception of the online security system, services provided by banks in the case of an online fraud, and overall safety of customers hard-earned money. Given this backdrop, Newcastle Bank has decided to conduct a research in order to develop an effective cyber security strategy based on customer perception of the security system per se and the associated services provided by the bank. In this assignment, you will play the role of a researcher hired by Newcastle Bank to conduct research and collect information to assist with the decision-making process. Before data collection can be commenced, you are required to develop a research proposal to inform the bank what is to be attained from the research and how. Required The research proposal needs to be structured as follows: Problem statement/background (250 words): 10 marks (This section should provide a succinct background of the case that places the analysis into context). Purpose of the research (150 words): 10 marks (You need to clearly identify the purpose/objective of the research. You may write down the main purpose of the research and that can be segregated into some specific research purposes/objectives). Research design, including the design of a questionnaire (600 words): 30 marks (Research design section should explain the way the research will be conducted. In particular, this section should mention the research approach to be used and its justification. A questionnaire will be included in research design.) Sample design (350 words): 15 marks (Sample design section should clearly identify the target population and the type of sampling techniques needed. This section should also discuss how large the sample size may be). Data collection, processing and analysis (250 words): 10 marks (Data collection, processing and analysis section should clearly demonstrate who will gather data or how will the data be gathered, how much supervision is needed, and what basic techniques are needed to process and analyse data). Budget and timeline (200 words): 10 marks (Total budget and time period need to be meaningfully allocated to different steps of research). Dummy tables (100 words): 10 marks (Dummy tables should report some hypothetical result to inform the audience how the actual results will look like. Dummy tables should be consistent with research/survey questions). References (100 words): 5 marks (American Psychological Association (APA) 6th Edition. You can find helpful examples of APA 6th ed. citation in the NBS Postgraduate Student Manual as well as at Note: Word count is a guide only. Readings GSBS6002 Weeks 1-5 Lecture Notes/Handout and workshop materials (available on Blackboard). Business Research Methods (with Qualtrics Printed Access Card), 9th Edition William G. Zikmund, Barry J. Babin, Jon C. Carr and Mitch Griffin. Molloy, S. (2019). Australians lost almost half a billion dollars in credit card fraud in a single year. Accessed from: