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List at least two significant sources for support for each topic as needed.

Have a personal connection to your life.Being a citizen or a student is not enough of a connection.You want to be able to use/show your connection in your paper.
Be a civic concern.Annoying customers or customers who don’t tip – not a civic concern.Wanting handicapped access for customers is a civic concern.Writing about a problem with your major, not a civic concern.Writing about a problem relevant to all the school students may be a civic concern.
Must be a current issue.
Be an issue about which reasonable people have differing opinions.
Have a reasonable solution.The school needs more parking spaces is a valid point.But unless you do research and can explain where those spaces would be, where the funding would come from, and why the solution hasn’t already been tried, then it’s unlikely to be persuasive.
Have a narrow focus.Healthcare, Education, Banking regulations are all important and far too large for this short paper.Find a specific issue within the issue if the overall topic is large.
Some Op-Ed Assignment topics students have written well about in the past included:
A nutrition major arguing for more healthy food options on campus
A child development major arguing for continuity of care for preschool children
A call for an on-campus coffee kiosk to carry free trade coffee.
A lifeguard writing about beach safety
A gerontology major writing to the about funding to prevent elderabuse
A nursing student writing about the dangers of hospital personnel wearing scrubs outside of the hospital.
A student who volunteered with a homeless services organization, arguing for the benefits of volunteering.
A student who volunteers at an animal shelter arguing for adopting pets
Student coaches arguing (in different papers) for safer equipment or standards for youth sports
Topics based on something you have studied in class are excellent.This is how op-eds get written in the “real” world.Just remember, a paper you have written for a course in your major is a specific audience.It’s important to recognize how different the style is, and you are likely to need to educate your readers.