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Aim of assessment This essay requires you to explore ideas and theories about leadership and management in health care and to critically examine these in relation top the debate about leadership and management. You are encouraged to draw upon examples from the clinical area to support your argument. Writing critically requires you to develop your argument so that your work is not simply descriptive, rather, it requires that you take a position in regard to the topic and develop an argument strongly in support of that position. With reference to clinical leadership, critically analyse and discuss the statement quoted above. Your discussion should draw upon different theories of leadership and management to examine this statement and support your argument. To prepare and write Essay, you should ensure that your essay is: – Well researched – you must refer to AT LEAST: five (5) relevant and current sources to support your ideas including articles from peer reviewed journals identified from relevant electronic databases such as CINAHL and MEDLINE and Library books etc – Logically structured – you should organise your response following the conventional essay format that comprises an introduction, a body and a conclusion. In the introductory paragraph, introduce those aspects related to the topic you will discuss, and present a thesis statement which clarifies your position on the topic and outlines the main points that support this claim. In the body paragraphs, you should develop your position on the topic and support your ideas with evidence (e.g. references to authorities in the field, explanations and / or examples from your own experiences or observations). You should also ensure your paragraphs are logically sequenced and show clear paragraph structure, the main idea is introduced in the topic sentence then explained and elaborated in supporting sentences; there should be clear links between ideas both within and between paragraphs. In the concluding paragraph (about 10%), restate your thesis, summarise the main points that support this, and conclude with a final statement on the topic. – Your essay should be accurately referenced, to do this you MUST: