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Is gun control a good idea

Documented Argument | ENG 101 1250-1500 words (must be 5 full pages), MLA Format (Works Cited page does not go towards page length) WHAT YOU WILL DO OBJECTIVES: use argumentative strategies to support your point of view organize an essay that has a clear thesis, well-supported body, and convincing conclusion learn to research appropriate sources of information integrate research into your writing cite those sources properly in MLA format Topic/Prompt Your final essay in ENG 101 is a documented argument essay. A documented argument is kind of like a research paper. You will argue your position on an issue and develop your credibility, use emotion, logic and evidence by referencing information you find via library research. You are trying to convince your audience that your position is valid. You are taking your audience through a journey from what is (the world as it is) to what could be (the world after your big idea is put into action). Your essay, which could ask us to take some kind of action in the conclusion, will be supported by outside evidence. Thats what makes it an documented essay. Guidelines Be sure to give readers any background information they may need to fully understand the issue and your arguments. In your introduction, to establish where your claim fits into a larger context or conversation, give a background or history of the topic and discuss your purpose for arguing. Then state your claim. You must present a clear and specific thesis (Your claim/what you want to prove and why it matters/why it is important). You’ll have to decide on the best way/place to present your thesis too. You must develop a convincing argument to prove your thesis. This should include a clear explanation, claims that you back up with solid evidence (facts and opinions from qualified, reputable sources). You must also include a section devoted to discussing the opposing arguments. For this paper you’ll need a minimum of three sources but no more than five. Only ONE of your sources may come from the public Internet. If you use an Internet source in your essay, it must be a credible one. Your other two sources may come from electronic databases, print newspapers, news or science magazines, and books. Dont use outside sources in excess. General encyclopedias (Wikipedia, for instance) do not count as scholarly resources. You must cite your sources every time you use them, whether via direct quotations, paraphrases, or summaries. You must also include a Works Cited page that clearly follows the standards of MLA format. If you do not cite sources properly and/or do not include works cited page, you will earn a zero on this essay and will have to retake the course. Think about the tone you use because it will help you gain the reader’s confidence. You want to sound fair, informed, and credible. Find common ground between you and your audience whenever possible. Remember, your readers will “turn off” if you insult them. While you are stating your opinion, you are not stating your opinion as fact. Avoid biased, emotional language. Be sure that you define unfamiliar or vague terms. Writing Assignment Guidelines Upload your document on Canvas. Your file must be in .doc or .docx format. I will not accept Pages, PDFs, or links to view a Google doc. This will be an automatic zero. Include your name, course and section number, assignment, and date in the upper left corner of the first page. Put your last name and the page number in the header of every page. All out-of-class work must be word-processed. Illegible handwritten or typed work will not be accepted. Work must be double-spaced (both typed and handwritten work) and use appropriate font (12-pt Times New Roman). The title should be centered on the top line of the first page. Essays must have one (1) inch margins. Include an MLA-formatted Works Cited page after your final page. The works cited page is not part of your word count.