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FORMAT The report MUST conform to the standard format: Fonts, Margins and Report Covers The report should be typed double-spaced, with at least a 30 mm margin on the left and a 20 mm border on the remaining sides. Font size must be 12pt. A suitable typeface is Arial, Times New Roman or Calibri. A4 covers (160g/m2) will be supplied to you (unless you hear otherwise you will receive these covers from the coursework hub 2-3 weeks prior to the submission deadline). Word Length The Research Report should be no longer than 5000 words; please note that this limit excludes the reference list, your declarations and acknowledgments, and also the indexing you provide. Word counts that are longer or shorter than this indicates a problem and exceeding the word limit will be penalised. You should aim for it to be concise and well organised without repetition or redundant material. Guidance notes are given towards the end of this handbook on the structure and content of the report. Title page The title page should give the following information in the order listed: the full title of the Research Project Report; the full name of the author, followed by qualifications and distinctions; the qualification for which the Report is submitted; the name and address of the Department of Applied Sciences; the month and year of submission and the Word Count. IMPORTANT !! Please note the following two declarations, which MUST be included in your Project Report. 1. Authors Declaration Attention should be drawn to any material contained in the Report that has been presented before, either in written or oral form, and MUST include the declaration, signed by yourself: "This Project Report is submitted in fulfilment of the requirements of the MSc Project module USSJ6C-60-M, and except where duly acknowledged or referenced it is entirely my own work. It has not been submitted, either in whole or in part, for any other award at UWE or elsewhere." Signed ……………………………………………. ?Date …/…/… 2. Project Supervisors Declaration (Project Report) Your Project Report MUST also include the following statement, signed by your Project Supervisor. Please note that your Project Report will not be marked without it. Please include your Project Supervisors name, position and full address. I confirm that I have read this Project Report and that the work it describes was undertaken under my supervision. Signed Date // Name, Position and Address of Project Supervisor Abstract The abstract should appear on its own on a single page and should provide a synopsis of the report, including the nature and scope of the work undertaken and the contribution made to knowledge by the research described. The abstract should be single-spaced. Acknowledgements The acknowledgement section should include acknowledgement of financial assistance, consultations and discussions with all supervisors and colleagues. Introduction The introduction sets out the context and describes the purpose of the study. You will need to survey the literature extensively. It is vital that you use the introduction to explain why the work you have undertaken is scientifically important and interesting. Materials & Methods A precise description of what was done experimentally. Remember that an essential aspect of the scientific method is that all experiments can be repeated. Imagine yourself as an outsider reading your Materials and Methods: would you be able to repeat these experiments? Results A clear description of the results obtained and statistical analysis of the data without discussion of their significance or relationship to those of others. Information in this section may be conveyed in text, tables or figures. Figures and Tables must be labelled professionally or you will lose marks! Discussion A detailed critical evaluation of the experimental methodology and results in relation to the aims of the project and the work of others forms the main part of the discussion. The discussion should also explain how your work adds to the existing published literature. Suggestions for further work should also be provided. References Complete listing in a uniform Harvard format (see guidance notes). IMPORTANT: Common pitfalls encountered by project markers You must clearly state the aims of the project. Methods and Materials must be accurate, understandable and comprehensive. State the sources of materials and reagents. Avoid duplication of data in graphs and tables. Label all figures correctly. Make sure that you refer to tables and figures correctly in the write-up. The Discussion must not include Introduction material. If you use Acronyms, make sure you include a list of abbreviations.