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how would you utilize the learned experiences from this class to make an impact on a health care policy or wicked problem in health?

I need to answer 3 peers, with 100 words each. Nursing Research (ARNP)
A large number of Americans have access to health care today. While the health policy is largely similar across the country, the implementation process, quality, and cost vary with each state. It is the responsibility of the state government to fine-tune the health legislations in a way that benefits its citizens.
The healthcare reforms signed in 2008 by Governor Pawlenty is an example of a state attempting to reform the healthcare sector. The policy was meant to significantly reduce the number of obese people in the state of Minnesota as well as reduce the number of tobacco users. An estimated 8,700 more people were to have access to MinnesotaCare coverage by 2011(Aspinall, 2008).