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How to safely put on and remove personal protective equipment

Write a 4 page, double spaced, process analysis analyzing, step by step, how something is done preferably related to nursing.The paper should provide a formal opening, body and conclusion. Ensure that you thoroughly understand the process you are analyzing before you begin writing. You might want to sketch out the steps or categories in outline form first. Also, consider beforehand how your analysis supports your main idea or thesis. For the purpose of this paper, the thesis statement should be the last sentence of the opening paragraph Break the process into logical and useful steps and/or categories and be sure to adjust your explanation for your audience. The order which you present should be the best one possible.Please utilize transitions to guide readers from one step (or category) to the next. Additionally, please use APA setup for this paper. The following criteria will be used to grade your paper. Is the paper based on a nursing topic? 10% Are the steps (or categories) provided in a logical order? 20% Does the paper demonstrate knowledge of the introduction, body, and conclusion essay structure? 20% Is the thesis statement the last sentence of the opening paragraph 10% Does the analysis support the paper’s thesis? 10% Are transition words and phrases used to guide readers from one step to the next? 10% Does the paper evidence a command of grammar and employ APA setup? 20%