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How do you think your experience might compare/contrast to that of consumers (based upon your understanding through the course and research)?

Recovery Approach to Mental Health – Develop a Self Care Plan & Write a Reflective Essay
Task – Recovery Approach to Mental Health (Nursing)
Objective on Assessment Task:
The goal of this task is to demonstrate your understanding of what it might be like to embark on a Recovery/Self-Care journey and to increase your capacity as a nurse to effectively support people in Recovery. The goal is: ‘reduce relying on alcohol when experiencing anxiety’.
The task has two parts – Part A and Part B:
PART A (500 words +/-10%): Develop a Recovery/Self-Care using a ‘self-care’ model with the goal to ‘reduce relying on alcohol when experiencing anxiety (refer below)’. To create the plan use an example such as plans – WRAP (Wellness Recovery Action Plan), Recovery Plans or Wellness Plans (these can be found on the internet. The self-care plan does not need to be in essay form. It should include references to support/guide your care plan. The plan should be (+/- 10%) 500 words.
The plan msut clearly identify:
• What area of your life you want to work on – ‘Reduce relying on alcohol when experiencing anxiety’
• What your goal(s) are – ‘Find other alternatives to manage anxiety, limit drinks to a maximum of 2 in one sitting’
• How you propose achieving your goal(s) – ‘insert fictitious goal’
• What supports you have in place and the role they will play – ‘explain the role of family/friends or therapeutic supporters (such as a counsellor, personal trainer, nutritionist, etc)’
• What challenges you may face and possible ways of addressing these – ‘identify and explain the challenges & how you address these’
• Supporting literature – ‘identify literature to support the goal’
When developing the plan, remember we are modelling a Recovery type journey to experience and learn first-hand what might help and hinder a person on a Recovery journey. Like a Recovery plan it is important that your plan focuses on your strengths and that your journey, whilst utilising supports, is self-directed. Your plan can include images, drawings, pictures and words.
PART B (1500 words +/-10%): : Write a reflective/argumentative Essay on your experience on the ‘self-care’ on reducing ‘reduce relying on alcohol when experiencing anxiety’. Write in first person about your ‘fictitious’ journey as an area in your life where you would like to make positive change, focusing on ‘self-care’ and using a ‘Recovery model’. The essay should be (+/- 10%) 1500 words. It should include references to support/guide your journey.
The essay must clearly reflective & provide an argument re: ‘Self-Care’:
• The need for effective self-care for consumers – why is this important for journey of recovery?
• The need for effective self-care for nurses – why is this important working in this professions?
• What was your experience like receiving support?
• How is your journey progressing and why?
• What factors helped you (internal and external)?
• What factors hindered you (internal and external)? How have you dealt with obstacles?
• How your journey, experiences and learnings might change or inform how you work with people in your future nursing practice
• How your self-care journey, experiences and learnings relate to Recovery