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How do you “Build an Organization Capable of Good Strategy Execution?

Answer these questions please.1. How do you “Build an Organization Capable of Good Strategy Execution?”2. “Executing strategy is an action-oriented, operations-driven activity revolving around the management of people and business processes”. When developing an agenda for executing strategy, managers must start with a probing assessment of what the company must do differently to implement the strategy successfully. Good strategy execution requires a team effort. There are ten managerial tasks which are a part of every company effort to execute strategy. Know what they are!3. “The two best signs of good strategy execution are whether a company is meeting or beating its performance targets and performing value chain activities in a manner that is conducive to companywide operating excellence.”4. “Building an organization capable of good strategy execution entails three types of actions.” What are these actions?5. “Building core competencies and competitive capabilities is a time-consuming, managerially challenging exercise that can be approached in three ways” What are they?6. Organizations must build internal capabilities and core competencies and develop alternative solutions to remain competitive.“Structuring the organization and organizing the work effort in a strategy-supportive fashion has four aspects.” What are these aspects?7. “To align the firm’s organizational structure with its strategy, it is important to make strategy-critical activities the main building blocks.”What are the four basic types of organizational structures?8. Actions that promote good Strategy Execution will obviously support organizational success.“Implementing a new or different strategy calls for managers to identify the resource requirements of each new strategy initiative and then consider whether the current pattern of resource allocation and the budgets of the various subunits are suitable.”Well-conceived policies and procedures aid the task of strategy execution by completing what actions?9. “Competent strategy execution entails visible unyielding managerial commitment to best practices and continuous improvement. Benchmarking, best-practice adoption, business process reengineering, total quality management (TQM), and Six Sigma programs are important process management tools for promoting better strategy execution.”10. Define and explain these processes…..1. Real-time information systems and control systems further aid the cause of good strategy execution.2. “Strategy-supportive motivational practices and reward systems are powerful management tools for gaining employee commitment and focusing their attention on the strategy execution goals.” Give some examples of these practices/rewards systems…..why are they important?