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high street retail industry vs online

The dissertation will be about high street retail fashion and beauty industry, focusing on why and how it is sustaining and evolving in the digital era. The online world transformed the shopping experience. It is bad or good? Which are the advantages and disadvantages? Nowadays people prefer to shop online instead of going to existent shops or shopping centres. Probably they dont understand that this is causing so many issue to high street retail shops, or they just dont care about the economy of the country. The research aims to discover the causes of the crisis of the retail industry, focusing on customers behaviour and the impact of fashion influencers. A multi-case study approach will be used to explore the subject and draw some conclusions and to provide advice on how will the retail industry evolve in the future. In addition, an interview will be conducted either to customers and sales assistant/ managers, to understand why people prefer to do shopping online. Its about the prices, the comfort to buy from home or why? Then, the profit of high street retails is having an huge decrease or not? A lot of strategic analysis tools will be used to analyse all the relevant factors, even a PESTLE analysis. In order to write a complete evaluation of the topic, a lot of theories will be employed. On the purpose of collecting feedback and have more information and data about the topic, a questionnaire will be administered mainly via Facebook, Whatsapp, Linkedin and mails. The age group will be between 18 and 40 years old. AIMS OF THE RESEARCH Study the problems of the fashion and beauty retail industry Understand how social media and influencers can change the customers shopping experience Learn how retailers adapt themselves into the digital era Understand how retail stores can be sustainable in the future CASE STUDIES The uncertain future of a brand: the case of New Look The colossus Amazon Fashion influencers: Chiara Ferragni, Nicole Husel and Kim Kardashian