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Effectiveness of Ketamine Compared to Opioids in Children with Acute Pain in the Emergency Department

This chapter started by the introduction and first section Inclusion and exclusion criteria in more details, then critical appraisal with fill the schedule I will upload {{ the two sections is very important. If you can send the Inclusion and exclusion criteria after finished immediately}} also I will upload (the full structure as PDF) and (the studies chosen by the supervisor) write in details inclusion criteria : a) Infant and children with acute pain in the emergency department. b) Studies investigate compared effective ketamine and strong opioid (Morphine and Fentanyl). c) Studies measure pain management by pain score to improve reduction on the pain that can demonstrate by reducing pain score write in details exclusion criteria(( equivalent not better)) a) Neonate and adult. b) Midazolam and Nitrus Oxide. c) Case studies, review and report.