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Discuss the education you will need to provide to Sarah about her medication. (400 words)

Assessment TWO Four short essay questions. Mental Health Nursing
Order Description
Description/Focus: Four short-essay questions
Due Date: 2359 hours (CST) Monday 25th April
Value: 40%
Length: 1600 words (i.e. 4 short essays of 400 words each)
Assessment Task:
You will find four questions below relating to an evolving clinical scenario. Respond to each question in chronological order. Each response must use correctly structured paragraphs in response to the task (400 words maximum per question).
You are a new graduate nurse and part of a small multidisciplinary team in a large 24-hour medical clinic. A young woman has just presented. She is dishevelled appears nervous constantly moving about the waiting room looking closely at different objects. She responds warily to any interaction with other patients. She has asked reception several times if a doctor can see her now. The duty doctor asks you to sit in and assist him with the interview.
1. Describe the key communication skills you will use in order to engage with her in the interview. (400 words)
The young woman gives her name as Sarah. In response to asking why she has attended she gives a clearly articulated story about a school teacher using radiation to control her thoughts. She describes difficulty getting onto the train to attend school as she feels other passengers can find out what she is thinking. When you ask her how she feels about her situation she says it is very confusing and frightening. In response to the doctor asking if he can help she says she wants him to make it all stop.
2. There are a number of clinical signs and symptoms in the scenario so far. Identify three significant signs or symptoms and support your clinical opinion with evidence from the scenario. (400 words)
Following a basic physical and presenting history the doctor acknowledged the confusion and distress explaining she is experiencing psychotic symptoms. He seeks Sarahs permission to ring her mother. He also makes an appointment for the next day to see her again. Before leaving she is provided with a script for 5mg olanzapine nocte.
3. Discuss the education you will need to provide to Sarah about her medication. (400 words)
Sarah briefly acknowledges the education you provided to her. However you notice that her responses are monosyllabic with a flat tone and she did not ask any questions.
4. Her response may suggest that she did not fully grasp the information you were providing. Discuss your clinical plan to address compliance issues that might arise for Sarah. (400 words)
Marking criteria:
Your assessment submission will be marked using the following criteria. Each criteria has equal weighting. The marking rubric is available for your reference here Rubric.pdf.
Utilises evidence for practice.
Interprets the scenario.
Demonstrates critical thinking.
Academic literacy.
Academic integrity.
All marking and feedback will be returned via My Grades.
Read to assignment question carefully. Check the marking Rubric so that you understand how your essay will be marked.
Ensure you understand the Assessment Guidelines and in particular penalties for overdue assignments.
Revise your understanding of plagiarism and how to avoid this form of student misconduct.
You can submit a draft into the Draft Checking link to obtain a report on matched text (go to Draft Checking for instructions and advice on interpretation of the text matching report). Be aware that you will be able to submit once-only into Draft Checking.
If you have technical problems you must ring 24-hour Learnline Support for assistance. Always keep the Ticket No. for future reference
Save your essay as a single file using MS Word (or similar). Use only the following file formats: Word 97-2003 Document (.doc) Word Document (.docx) or OpenDocument Text (.odt). Your markers may not be able to mark or provide feedback if other file formats are used.
It is recommended you insert your name and student number on the first page and in the filename when you submit. You may choose to use this template NUR219 myname.doc if you wish.
The essay length includes in-text citations but excludes the reference list. MS Word has a word count function that you can choose to use for this purpose; other word processing software have similar functions available.
In-text citations and references are to be presented according to CDU-APA reference style. Your reference list should commence on a new page and be the final page of your submission with Reference List as the heading.
It is the students responsibility to ensure correct submission. Your essay MUST be submitted via the Learnline system and will not be accepted by any other mechanism. Your assignment will be marked and returned online through My Grades in Learnline. Only one submission will be marked and have feedback provided. Feedback will be provided using MS Word Revision Comments or Annotation functions.