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Discuss how the meeting used therapeutic communication techniques to achieve objectives.

Peer Community Mental Health Group Experience Clinical
In this assignment, you will need to find a peer or family/friend to accompany you to one Open (not closed) Mental Health Group Meeting in the community. There are many to choose from. You will be responsible for finding a group meeting to attend in person. No on-line group forums will be allowed. This assignment is worth 4 clinical hours and is due 6/2/2019 by midnight EST. This assignment is mandatory and you will not be able to be successful in this course if you do not complete it. Some ideas for open groups: Alcoholics Anonymous, Bipolar Group, Bereavement Group, Overeater’s Anonymous, Substance Abuse Groups etc. After attending the meeting, you will need to write a two page paper with a minimum of 500 words following basic APA guidelines about your experience. Please see the following: