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develop your thesis and divisions

Minimum words: 1,250. Your essay needs to include an introduction, a thesis and division statement, body paragraphs which develop your thesis and divisions and which use examples, descriptions and stories to prove that the reason is valid, counter-arguments (if writing an argumentative essay), and a conclusion.SourcesYou must include a minimum of four sources, one of which must be CQResearcher. ( have attached the sources in case you are unable to open the links. These are the ONLY sources that I’m allowed to use so if you’re unable to open them, give me a call please.A source that I wasn’t able to attach is”Transhumanist Dreams and Dystopian Nightmares : The Promise and Peril of Genetic EngineeringBy: Mehlman, Maxwell J. 2012You can search it up online and skim through a sample and include something from the sample in the essay.