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Describe your role as a master’s prepared nurse in this interdisciplinary team.

M7D1: Applying “Hot Spotting” to Impact Health Costs and Outcomes and the Role of the Masters Prepared Nurse as a Member of the Interdisciplinary Team
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FinanceThe article The Hot Spotters (Links to an external site.)Links to an external Atul Gwande, describes a unique and innovative approach to understanding the high cost of care across a vulnerable population that lives with health disparities. The definition of Hot Spotting is,
Healthcare hot spotting is a data-driven process for the timely identification of extreme patterns in a defined region of the healthcare system. It is used to guide targeted intervention and follow-up to better address patient needs, improve care quality, and reduce cost. Most often the data in question are hospital reimbursement claims that are continuously produced, standardized by an operational imperative, and bring together high-stakes diagnostic, temporal, financial, spatial, and demographic data in a single set of records. Through hot spotting, claims data can help reveal both a community’s healthcare problems and their solutions (Gwande, n.d. ).
Hotspotting can be used in many regions of the health care system; this type of data analysis can be used to collect evidence and drive change in health care in many settings, across many populations. Of interest is the potential for the master’s prepared nurse to participate as member of a “Hot Spotting” team, in a particular health care setting and the type of knowledge and skill this nurse will need to be effective in this role.