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Describe the role of leadership in Motivation and Job Satisfaction among Nursing Staff in Saudi Arabia

The role of leadership in Motivation and Job Satisfaction among Nursing Staff in Saudi Arabia
Studying such topic will represent an interesting attempts to discover how the leadership among the health service context could play an important role in motivating and increasing the nursing staff satisfaction over there. Both aspects of motivation and satisfaction are very important to assure a higher level of productivity and effectiveness and accordingly reflecting on the quality level of health services provided to the patients. Therefore there is always a need to examine the main mechanisms and factors that could improve or hinder both motivation and satisfaction. In this respect leadership has been extensively identified as one of the most important determinant of both of these aspects (motivation and satisfaction). This is in addition to the fact that KSA government nowadays pay a particular attention to improve the NHS overall and all the related aspects related to patients and staff. Noticeably KSA government largely focus in improving the leadership skills and capability of the NHS leaders as a common strategy to improve the aspects mentioned above.
Accordingly this study recognizes the importance of examining the related aspects of leadership and how they help to improve of nursing staff motivation and satisfaction. In different words this study attempts to address two main questions that are:Reality and expectations in leadership role in motivation and job satisfaction among nursing in Saudi Arabia .
What is the actual implementation of modern methods of leadership within the health services sector in Saudi Arabia.
Does leadership over NHS context help in contributing both nursing staff motivation and satisfaction.I need the proposal in 3 days please so I can finish the ethical approval also to meet my tutor if he have any comment .
I want the Methodology to be just Quantitative
These Q is mine so if you want to add new Q or paraphrase these Q it wil be ok .
The references should be about Saudi Arabia as it is necessary