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Define art vocabulary

Assignment summary: 1) Define terms, 2) Use 5 of the terms in individual sentences, 3) Insert an image that helps explain 5 of the terms. (45 Pts.) BE CREATIVE IN YOUR SENTENCE USAGE AND SELECTING AN IMAGE. Each time period needs 5 pictures and 5 individual terms Ancient Greece Pediment Metope Doric order Ionic Amphora Caryatid Black figure painting Red figure painting Mosaic Corinthian Oder Archaic Smile Hollow casting White Ground painting Contrapposto kore Etruscan Art (define each, find 5 images and use in 5 sentences) Fibula Terracotta Tumulus Necropolis chimera arcuated Tufa Vulca Granulation Romulus & Remus Cista Voussoir Charun Vanth Pilaster **Remember do not use the term or its root word in your definition