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Center for Advanced Human Resources Research Assistant Position

Application for CAHRS program: The Cornell Center for Advanced Human Resource Studies (CAHRS) in the ILR School at Cornell University will sponsor CAHRS Graduate Research Assistantships for the fall 2019 academic semester. This position offers the student the opportunity to work on high-visibility projects with some of 60 human resource executives whose companies sponsor CAHRS, under the direction of the CAHRS Directors. The CAHRS Research Assistants will participate in partner-related activities on key issues of topical interest. Projects will be chosen to provide significant visibility and distinction for the CAHRS Research Assistants. The applicant must have a minimum of one semester grad HR course work. On the application it says the selection criteria is: The CAHRS Research Assistantships are awarded competitively to an applicant who meets the minimum qualifications, and who demonstrates the highest distinction in the following areas: Significant familiarity and course work in the human resource management field; Demonstrated ability to conduct topical research in the human resource management field; Distinctive verbal and written communication and interaction skills, especially in communicating scholarly and practical research results to top corporate leaders; Enthusiasm for Cornell University, the ILR School, and the partnership mission of CAHRS; Ability to work independently and reliably on high-visibility projects; and Strong GPA. The requirements: A one-page statement describing your motivation and qualifications for the position, including relevant research experience and course-work in HR. here’s a brief summary of MY background: I am on my Spring semester of my master’s program at the world’s top industrial labor relations program; Though I have no prior work experience, I have experience in building and sustaining organizations and programs (such as founding and establishing an organization in undergrad from the ground up that involved traveling to underprivileged communities in both African and Latin American countries to give back through medical and dental care, engineering and clean water systems back in 2015 that has grown to serve more communities to this day. I used data analytics to measure how much impact the organization had on the community and used the feedback to make the organization more effective for future trips. I also started a research lab in the business school as an undergrad and designed the structure of the lab to be efficient in collecting data as well as recruiting and training the incoming research assistants (this speaks to my research work and HR in recruiting and training) I composed form start to finish a 3 year long research study that was the first of its kind to look at nostalgia through a social media platform. I conducted literature reviews, designed the experiment, and trained and recruited the research assistants to run the experiment. I used SPSS statistical software to anaylze the data and proposed and defended my thesis in front of a committee. Though this research is not HR related, this reflects my alacrity and ability to conduct quality research and carry out all the methods and processes necessary to conduct research. I’ve also worked in a number of research labs in undergrad Relevant courses I’ve taken related to research and HR: Human Resources Management (learned about HR), Organizational Behavior, Business Strategy and Finance, Statistics at Work, to inform how human resources work and the statistical class (that I did really well in) to inform those HR decisions since HR analytics is becoming more critical. Motivation: Being able to conduct research at the number one institution in the world for industrial labor relations and be part of the legacy to advance the world of work (Cornell’s ILR mission statement). I want to grow both as a researcher and student and taking advantage of the opportunities here. Going into research is also a future aspiration as I want to go back to school to further research and get a PhD in this field (industrial labor relations/human resources/ organizational behavior/industrial organizational psychology) and help bridge the gap between research and practice. Excitement for the program: I also love what I’m learning here and feel like I’ve gained so much from the lectures and being surrounded by the world’s best teachers in the field and the people in my classes that come from different backgrounds and fields so my learning experinece is so rich.